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I honestly don't use livejournal much lolol. Mostly on tumblr now.
Link can be found in "about me" section below~

» About
+ Name: Elizabeth
+ Age: 19
+ Ethnicity: Asian
+ Editing Program Photoshop CS5
+ KPop: Infinite, B1A4, Aziatix, C.N. Blue, Ailee, etc
+ JPop: UVERworld, M-Flo, The GazettE, Nano, Egoist, etc.

+ Find me on: Flavors.Me
» Other Info
+ About Journal: All entries are friend-locked.
+ Friending? I don't really mind hahah.
+ Journal Established: December 10, 2006

Updated: June 22, 2010
+ New profile layout and header
+ New journal layout and header
+ New friends only banner
+ Deleted all entries, tags, blogcrew, etc.
+ Restart and start new... Again.

Updated: June 16, 2011
+ New journal header
+ New friends only banner
+ Trying to start again?

Updated: December 10, 2012
+ New profile header.
+ New journal header.

Why livejournal?
+ 2006: Because my best friend did! It was addicting. My first taste of the online world.
+ 2011: Another blog aside from tumblr to throw my brains out. Tumblr isn't as private anymore but I still use it the most, as well as Facebook.
+ 2012: Well, forever Tumblr and Facebook roflmao.
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